Maintenance Agreements

Warshauer Scheduled Maintenace Agreements

Power failure is more than just an inconvenience. Your investment in a backup power system could prevent putting your home, family and even business at risk; especially for critical application fields like data centers, hospitals, or nursing homes. Why leave the service and maintenance of your essential backup power system in the hands of just anyone when you have a factory-certified servicing dealer like Warshauer Generator Service?

Why Purchase a Maintenance Agreement?

The investment you have made is exactly like the purchase of a new car – your generator requires regular maintenance! Since your unit is supplied with break-in oil that does not carry the same viscosity as the normal running oil, it will need to be changed shortly after installation. After the initial service, your unit will require periodic oil changes, tune ups, new air filters, etc... Just like a car! Even if your power does not go out, the unit will turn itself on automatically every week to keep all of the moving parts operating correctly and to ensure everything is well charged and properly lubricated. This “exercise” is critical because we all know that a car sitting in your driveway will not be very reliable unless it is run on a regular basis.

What Does Your Maintenance Agreement Include?

• Engine Lubrication Systems: Inspect engine for leaks; oil and filters changed
• Engine Air Cleaners: Wet type: clean and change oil once per year. Dry Type: Clean or replace filter,   as needed.
• Ignition Systems: Check magneto and replace spark plugs as needed.
• Governor: Check and set speed, sensitivity and oil level.
• Engine Cooling System: Check general condition, anti-freeze, coolant level, belts and hoses.
• Engine Electric system:Test battery and clean battery posts and cables.
• Engine Fuel System: Inspect for leaks. Check all connections and fuel lines.
• Engine Exhaust System: Check for leaks and corrosion.
• Instrumentation: Check all instruments for proper operation.
• Timers and Relays: Check for proper operation.
• Safety Circuits and Alarm Systems: Check for proper operation
• Engine: Run loaded when possible

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